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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going Home

So yep, here I am, still in America. No big deal, except I feel it is. Today has been the longest day ever!!!! I miss my hubby like crazy. I was suppose to leave last weekend. My passport arrived, last Thursday morning though and well not too many flights go to Lviv. In fact the reason I didn't go last week was because it would take too long and I would arrive Sunday if I left Friday. Lviv seems to not be all that popular. Traveling with a one year old for that long seemed to not be an option for me. I was all set to leave this morning and my flight got delayed, that delay has now left me alone back in Chicago until Saturday afternoon. On the bright side I'm very familar with the area so I'm not feeling so lost . Worst Valentines day ever though! And trust me most Valentines in my life have been spent completely alone so that is saying something. I just wanted to be with my Budu already. I guess I just better practice more patience. Gosh 2014, why do you hate me so much????? February was suppose to be my turnaround.

Now that I've stopped crying and making strangers in the airport feel awkward, I've been able to see that what's done is done, and there is nothing I can do about it. Fortunately the airline did give me a hotel so it's not too bad.  Especially with this little guy horrible days are made all better when they look at you with a huge grin. My poor child also had a rough day though. Woke up early only to have to wait, and wait and wait. He's a trooper. Oh did I mentioned right before we were FINALLY going to board, he threw up a TON..... I had to throw out his sweater go wash out as much vomit as I could out of my pants. Of course the smell still lingered. Poor guy that sat next to us, no wonder he had two Bloody Mary's.  Ok so now that you have heard what a wonderful day I had let me tell you that now I am calm, slightly happy, and ready for whatever these next two/three days have in store for us.

Yes I've been dying to see my husband, but I guess I have an eternity to be with him. They say home is where the heart is and since he has a HUGE part of that, he's had me home sick ever since he left. I just want to go HOME.

To be honest though, I feel I have other chunks of my heart scattered all over the place. I've been missing Chicago ever since we left andI haven't really processed the fact I get to spend a whole day in my favorite city. YAY!  Brazil is another recent place that has taken another piece of my heart. The moment we left I was already missing everything and everyone we knew there. So much that all I wanted to do was go to a Brazilian restaurant. Ohio is where all our buddies are and we miss them every time there is a three day weekend. Thanksgiving was hard this last year, and easter is coming up. We always made an excuse to go up there, those holidays especially. L.A will ALWAYS be a part of me because I AM a California girl and a chola at heart. All my friends and family that are over there are what I miss the most.  And as much as I never thought I would say this, and want to deny it, but Utah is another "home" now. I spent 4 years there and now my parents seem to be staying there how could  that not be "home". This last month or so was so much fun. So I guess I'll never really make it "home" because home seems to be everywhere now. The hardest part is leaving everyone you love behind. I HATE goodbyes but I'm glad that I've had this opportunity to go to different places and meet some amazing people and make a "home" everywhere.

 Having had such an awful and now reflecting on all these random thoughts of mine, I feel better. I am most thankful for having such a wonderful family. I was SO blessed to be born into a crazy awesome family, and was just as blessed to marry into a family that I have grown to love just as much! I had one sucky sucky day, that is true, but I have one awesome life. I just need to relax and take it easy like this guy who truly see's the positives in situations like these.
"Free room ma, take it easy"R

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