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Sunday, March 23, 2014

HALLO germany

We have been loving Germany so far. It feels familiar in some weird way.....Maybe it's Aldi that is truly the only thing that is actually familiar. ANYWAY we love it. The only thing I'm not loving is still having to live in a small hotel room. We've had no kitchen for over a month now, and now we don't even have a fridge. So this means us eating out and just eating carbs. I know that during the winter you normally gain a few pounds, but come on, I'm no longer enjoying the food and spring is here. I think I'll have to be extra creative with what we eat. I did however find an amazing park right across the street. OH and guess what? I found a friend!!! Thanks to my spanish, I found someone to hang out with. It was so random. She has the CUTEST kid. He's two and brought over some toys for David to play with, then I heard something familiar. WHAT??? SPANISH? Yes! She was so helpful. We talked for hours and then she offered to show me around. She lived about a block away and showed me how to get there incase I ever needed anything she said I could just come over. I know we are taught stranger danger, but trust me, she's okay and she was exactly what I needed to feel somewhat at peace. Now I have someone to have playdates with. YAY!

We have had ONE sunny day all week, and most days it's been raining. It rained yesterday but we were able to find a great shopping mall, so you know I was happy. It was great to see some shops and have the baby run around and play. We went to church today and learned baby David is the only one in nursery. Small ward but met more spanish speakers and had the meetings translated. Overall great weekend.

Last weekend we also had tons of fun. We went over to Dusseldorf and explored a bit. Ben is the Team Leader in this project is speaks German fluently. It is SO nice to have someone that actually speaks the language. He is all of our personal translator/tutor whenever we are out. Most of the stores were closed when we went so lots of window shopping but now I know where all the good shops are at. We will for sure be heading back that way.

Ever wonder why I'm not in too many pictures....This is why

"playgrounds" are really different....We seem to have a hard time figuring them out

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom"

Nestle team with Baby D as the mascot 

"Say hello to my little friend!"

He was so done by this point

Still seems like so much to explore. Anyone know any other cool cities???? Berlin and Munich are a must. Hopefully soon we get to explore some more!


  1. I have a friend that is in Bonn! She is living there for a year as a nanny for this great LDS family. She has been exploring like you and loves Bonn and areas around there. I'll ask her about it and introduce you via Facebook!

    1. REALLY???! yes! No idea where that is at but I think the more friends the happier I can be haha =)

  2. Wow, I just love the concept of your blog!! :)


    1. Thank you Bianca! I hope you enjoy the posts to come and follow along :)