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Saturday, March 15, 2014

All aboard

Switzerland has been fun these last few weeks, but the time has finally arrived David and his team has been reassigned to a short project. Recklinghausen/Dortmund (we have yet to find a place), Germany will be our home for the remaining three months.It has been an interesting month or so. Hotel hopping, moving from room to room, eating a ridiculous and delicious amount of carbs, and enjoying the local parks. Of course with our proximity to other fun cities we have, I believe, made the most of it. I’ve loved the experiences and opportunities we have with this life of ours, but sometimes it can be a tad difficult, especially when you have a little person that needs structure, but his world around him changes so often that it sometimes seems impossible to set any. I call us nomads, and for the time being we are, but I can’t see us doing this for much longer than this program goes, (knock on wood) I know when that time comes it will be bitter sweet, but I think by then, we would have seen much of the world and can take a break for a few years.  So as nice as hotels are, I can’t wait to get to a house that we can make our home. 

Long train ride to Germany....we came prepared
Now that we have left Switzerland, there is a lot we will miss. We had lots of fun these last few weeks. Now that I'm familiar and can get around pretty well with transport I feel a bit more relaxed even I STILL can not speak a lick of French.
One thing of a hotel that I will miss very much, waking up to having breakfast ready every morning

These tartlets have become a problem for me, as has all food in Europe.......

Airplane, Bus, Train, if it gets us there, we will take it

Promise he is happy, but when I called his name he gave me this face

Meeting Lego Man....look how excited he is...."not washing this hand ma"


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  2. Meli que bonitas experiencias estas viviendo deberías escribir un libro para baby David. Disfruta lo máximo, te queremos y los admiramos por que no importa en que parte de el mundo estén, su presencia ha dejado huella, el evangelio nos permite hacer amigos mas rápido. Nos encanta ver sus fotos:)

    1. si tia el evangelio no da tantas bendiciones! para nosotros lo primero que buscamos es el barrio. Voy a tener que tomar tu idea y empezar!